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Are your business operations causing you pain?

We understand that running an SME business is hard.  Don't waste another day drowning in admin, guessing without clear data, risking unknown liability, or paying high running costs.   As business operations experts, we have the cures for all your operational pain points.


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Do you have paper everywhere?  Multiple versions of the same information in multiple locations?  Does Arthur know what Martha is up to?

We help SME's grow faster with healthy business operations.  We develop systems, processes and procedures that boost efficiency and productivity.   Put simply, we work to save you time and reduce your running costs.  Ultimately we prime businesses to be scalable and grow into a high-value sellable asset.


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How much do you value your team?   Do they understand your business plan?  And why is that important?

Healthy Systems are only good if they are used consistently by a great team.  We will help you develop a healthy team alongside your excellent systems and provide your business an outstanding foundation for growth.   From HR requirements, to training, rewards and recognition - we will ensure that your staff feel valued and understand how important they are to your business success.


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How does your business present to the public?   Is your professional image as good as it can be?

A business can have great foundations, but without people buying your product or services the whole thing is a somewhat pointless.    Without a high quality public image, it is easy to write off significant business opportunities that would otherwise be helping you grow.   We work with you to ensure you cover all bases, and give nobody any reason not to do business with you.


How we help

At eliXr, we liken our consultants to your family doctor.   When you're not feeling 100%, do you immediately reach for a surgeons phone number?  Or race to the nearest neurologist, only to eventually find out that you have a common cold?   No, you don't! 

Not only would it cost you a small fortune, it would also waste a lot of time with multiple specialists who thoroughly understand one particular topic, but may no longer have the general knowledge that could piece a puzzle (and hold it) together.


As your business GP, we help diagnose and treat the basic illnesses that strike so many businesses, prohibiting them from achieving maximum performance and growth.  

We do it without the associated cost, complexity and single focus often associated with subject specialists.  Yet we ensure we are backed up by a team of trusted professionals, for when we do need the support of a brain surgeon.

We understand how each component of a business impacts and links with another, and base all we know on first hand experience and real success in growing our own small businesses.   

We ensure our solutions are in line with what a specialist would prescribe based on high quality industry recommended systems that are easy to grow, improve and support as time goes by. 

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